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Clothes Dryer and Air Purifier.


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ABS 3 In 1 Dehumidifier, Clothes Dryer and Air Purifier

Powerpye dehumidifier is designed to be one of the quietest compressor dehumidifiers on the market. Designed to do the job without the background noise disruption other units have.

Storage Tank

2.3 Litre With 12 Litre Performance, Removes large volumes of water per day, thus making it ideal for dealing with condensation, damp and drying washing.

Automatic shut-off

Use intelligent software to actively monitor your space’s climate and will shut down once the desired humidity level has been reached.

Auto Defrost

Automatic defrosting dehumidifiers are convenient and save time when it comes to maintenance.

Easy of use

Water level indicator , Fully washable water tank , Easy to use and carry to your empty point.

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