POWER PYE 30L/Day Dehumidifier 260-Watts 3 In 1 Dehumidifier,Cloths Dryer And Air Purifier

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  • Powerpye dehumidifier will help keep your home dry and warm and acts as a simple air purifying system. Includes Automatic Turn-off, Defrost plus Laundry and Timer setting as standard
  • Powerpye dehumidifier is designed to be one of the quietest compressor dehumidifiers on the market. Designed to do the job without the background noise disruption other units have.
  • Storage Tank Size: 6.5 Litre With 30 Litre Performance, The Powerpye dehumidifier Removes large volumes of water per day, thus making it ideal for dealing with condensation, damp and drying washing.
  • Lowest Watts -255 watts saving electricity bills shock ,Working Temperature Range : 1C-35C,Front RH% Display
  • Powerpye dehumidifier features easy to use controls with a display showing the current room relative humidity and the ability to set your target relative in steps of 5% relative humidity levels. The controls also have a child lock to prevent little (or big) fingers from tampering with your settings
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You’ve made the first step to living in a healthier home—recognizing that your living space is having humidity issues. Household dehumidifiers are useful appliances that help maintain preferred, and healthy, humidity levels within your space.

They do so by working to cleanse the air of excess moisture and prevent mold, bacteria and other particulates from growing, all of which could lead to a variety of health issues in the long-run.

But where does one even begin to search for a home dehumidifier that fits their needs? Worry no more, let’s take a look at what you should expect from a dehumidifier

  • Moist or wet stains are present on the walls or ceiling.
  • The room feels unpleasantly stuffy.
  • Windows are covered with condensation.
  • Musty odors exist.
  • Mold is visible.
  • Excess moisture.

Dehumidifiers are effective units that come with many benefits for your space, and most importantly, yourself. They eliminate potentially dangerous variables that can affect your home, family and even your beloved pets.


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Tank Size

6.5 L


260 W


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POWER PYE 30L/Day Dehumidifier 260-Watts 3 In 1 Dehumidifier,Cloths Dryer And Air Purifier